Collections Highlights

The Collections Department houses and cares for all of the Museum’s three-dimensional objects, everything from coat buttons to automobiles.  For two-dimensional items such as pictures, maps, books, and newspapers, please visit our Research Library.  

These are some of our most prized artifacts:

Pipe tomahawks, daily life in 1550 diorama, Red Jacket's Washington Peace Medal. Collection _highlight1.jpg

War of 1812
Armaments, uniforms, Oliver Hazard Perry's cased wine decanters, Peter B. Porter's presentation sword, commemorative Liverpool jugs. Our Research Library has a list of more War of 1812 items.

Erie Canal
Commemorative plates, medals, ribbons, Canvas White's canal boat model.

Lives of three Presidents
Millard Fillmore's Union Continentals silver uniform buttons, and his charcoal sketch by George Healy, Grover Cleveland's wedding cakebox, William McKinley's cigars, and the revolver used by Leon Czolgosz in McKinley's assassination. CzolgoszGun.jpg

Bethlehem Steel patterns, steelworker tools and protective gear, Trico windshield wipers, Pierce Motorette, aircraft engines, and hundreds of other local products; artifacts associated with union labor, such as badges, ribbons, and a union musician's cap from Local 533, American Federation of Musicians, The Colored Musicians Local.

Personal tools, gear, clothing, and household effects from many of the region's diverse ethnic and cultural groups.

Aviation and the War Effort
Uniforms, equipment, weapons, Elias Brothers artifacts, and Bell and Curtiss Wright artifacts, including one of the oldest surviving Bell helicopters.

The largest collection in Western New York, featuring quilts, samplers, lace, and clothing. EA_Dress.jpg

Approximately 500 works documenting two centuries of the region's changing landscape, and the men and women who helped shape the area's history; nationally recognized artists including William H. Beard, Raphael Beck, Alvah Bradish, Thomas LeClear, Augustus Rockwell, Lars G. Sellstedt, and William Wilgus; John Mix Stanley's Trial of Red Jacket; and works by Joseph Josephs, a 19th century "colorful" sign painter and booster of both Buffalo and the early Republican party.

Glass and Ceramics
Collected by private individuals reflecting technological developments and taste in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

The Resource Center holds the country’s only surviving lighthouse lens from an early Winslow Lewis design, among its rare and prized items.

Greg D. Tranter Collection of Buffalo Bills Memorabilia Football and Cheerleader couple.jpg

The Tranter Collection is the largest and most comprehensive collection of Buffalo Bills football history. The collection contains over 7,500 three dimensional objects and 100,000 archival items. The array of memorabilia includes game worn jerseys, helmets and gloves, bobbleheads, hundreds of publications including programs from every football game (home and away), media guides, thousands of football cards, and a variety of toys commemorating the Bills.