DSC_1744.jpgSince 1923, millions of visitors have marveled at the Apostolic Clock’s grandeur and delighted in its mechanics.

In 2008, restoration efforts brought the clock back to working order and it was reinstalled in our Museum Shop.

Our Guest Services team ranked the Apostolic Clock among the most requested artifacts to view; therefore, the Apostolic Clock is now exhibited with prominence in the Museum. 

Thanks to generous donations from our friends, the clock is always free:

Mr. Stephen Ames
Mr. & Mrs. Dean & Patricia Burgstahler
Rev. James F. Campbell
The Estates of Russell L. Battaglia, MD & Jean Wick Battaglia, RN
Mr. Tom Fontana
Ms. Clare Livingston
Ms. Allie Loesch
Dr. Richard & Ms. Martha Neri
Ms. Carol L. Revzin
Mr.& Mrs. John & Beth Salmeri
Ms. Angeline Webb 
Ms. Carol Wittig
Rev. Mark J. Wolski