Where were you this January when the Buffalo Bills won their first playoff game in 26 years?!

Most of us, including myself, were watching from our homes, socially distanced from our loved ones. Some lucky folks experienced the playoff home game in person- they showed up as lean but mighty “Twelfth Men.”

The pandemic requires innovation of traditions as we know them. While we could not physically be together to experience this historic moment, nothing brought our community together during the pandemic quite like the Bills drive to the playoffs and this year’s AFC Championship game.

These extraordinary moments are exactly what The Buffalo History Museum works diligently to collect, document, and hold safe for future generations.

Over 95 percent of our tremendous collection was thoughtfully given to us and entrusted to our care. These objects tell the stories about the people who made, owned, and used them.

AFC East Champion Pennant


A commemorative pennant of the Buffalo Bills' 1995 AFC East Championship.

Commemorative Mug


This mug commemorates the Buffalo Bills victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on the January 24, 1994 AFC Championship Game.

Hear from Buffalo Bills Collection Donor Greg Tranter

People like Greg create opportunities to come face-to-face with a lifetime’s worth of memories at The Buffalo History Museum.

Since reopening our doors in August 2020, over 5,000 guests have visited the Museum with free admission and had meaningful experiences with incredible pieces of our history.

I’m so grateful you are open with free admission. I need a safe place to take my kids during this tough time. – Anonymous Museum Visitor

While social distancing remains part of our lives, ensuring access to Buffalo’s history remains a priority. We have transitioned to a pay-what-you wish admission model to ensure accessibility to all our guests. Virtual platforms, such as our archival and object records which can be found on our website, make our stories available to anyone across the globe. Our new bi-weekly podcast has been downloaded over 2,000 times by people in seven different countries and three hundred students have taken virtual field trips.

You can make The Buffalo History Museum a place where people can explore story-filled programs, dive into unexpected collections, discover hidden gems of research, and share memorable experiences with others.

Thank you for supporting our spring campaign.


All my best,

Melissa Brown
Executive Director

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