Museum Board & Staff

We, the Board of Managers and staff of The Buffalo History Museum, share passion for the past.  We enjoy the contagious enthusiasm inspired by museum visits and conjured by the collection.  We thrill at witnessing the unexpected, unanticipated moments of revelation experienced during these encounters.  In the business of memory making – and keeping – energy radiates from these exchanges.  We realize the relevance of our mission to cultivate and celebrate, share and safeguard that which characterizes our community – its history.  Being the place where the community, its artifacts and its stories intersect provides a source of great pride.

We are grateful that the community’s stories – ordinary and extraordinary – have been entrusted to us.  For all those whose stories are safeguarded within . . . we offer immortality.  For this opportunity, we thank the community, and we remain committed to upholding that trust.

Steven McCarville - President
Mark Martin - Vice President
William O'Donnell - Vice President
Mark V. Taylor - Vice President
Greg D. Tranter  - Vice President
Anne Conable - Secretary
Alex Gress - Treasurer

Gaile Amigone
Joan Bukowski
Ken Friedman
Carley Jean Hill
Karna Holmes
Laura E. Hubbard
John L. Hurley, Jr.
Cassie Irish
Cheryl Lyles 
Vincent Mancuso
Melanie Perreault 
Jennifer Liber Raines
Nancy Redeye
Dionne Williamson

To reach Melissa Brown, Executive Director  
Please contact  (716) 873-9644 ext. 302 

frank_desk.jpgInquiries about venue rentals, contact:   
Foley, Robin
Administrative Specialist
(716) 873-9644 ext.302

To book a tour or make tor inquiries, contact:
Sledziewski, Mark, Education and Community Engagement Assistant

(716) 873-9644, ext.304
For tours             

Greco, Anthony, Director of  Exhibits & Interpretive Planning
(716) 873-9644 ext.310,

Justinger, Rebecca, Registrar
(716) 873-9695 ext.303,

To make a donation of support, or inquiries about funding, contact:  
Luangpakdy, Kimberly, Director of Resource Development 
(716) 873-9644 ext. 322,

Greinert, Alexis, Membership & Events Manager 
(716) 873-9644 ext.318,

Library Staff (Amy Miller, Assistant Librarian; Shane Stephenson, LibraryTechnician)

(716) 873-9644 ext 305,

(716) 873-9644 ext.348,

Program bookings or inquiries, contact:  
MacNeill, Megan, Program & Engagement Coordinator
(716) 873-9644 ext.320,

For questions about the collection and/or to make an artifact donation, contact:
Mayer,Walter J., Director, Museum Collections

(716) 873-9695 ext.302,

Call, Britt, The Greg D. Tranter Collection Manager (716) 873 - 9695 ext. 304 

Nichols, Jennifer, Graphic Designer and Marketing Associate

(716) 873-9644 ext. 319, 

Robinson, Lori, Accountant
(716) 873-9644 ext.315,

Stanley, Mary Louise, Director of Retail Operations and Volunteer Services
(716) 873-9644, ext.316,

Van Ness, Cynthia, MLS, Director, Library and Archives
(716) 873-9644 ext.305,

Volunteer Coordinator (Tuesday office hours) 
(716) 873-9644, ext.323,

For other inquiries: Event Planning   Wedding & Receptions