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The Research Library is responsible for all two-dimensional items in the Museum’s collection: books, pamphlets, letters, diaries, personal papers, organizational and business records, periodicals, newspapers, scrapbooks, photographs, postcards, prints, drawings, posters, maps, atlases, microfilms, and even some DVDs.

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Below are some forms to submit in preparation for your virtual appointment with the Research Library and to help grow your research. All appointments to our research library cost $10 per visit, and remain free for members

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Resource Center

The Resource Center serves as the collections storage facility for the Museum’s three-dimensional artifacts. Collecting since 1862, the Museum cares for a vast collection—only about 10% of which is on exhibit at one time. We continue to collect artifacts that document the social, economic, and political growth and development of Buffalo and Erie County.

To make an appointment please call (716) 873 – 9644 ext. 402.

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Research Library FAQs

By  appointment only. To book an appointment, visit Calendly.

In person appointments are available Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Virtual appointments on Thursday.

All appointments to our research library cost $10 per visit, and remain free for members

Yes! A professional librarian is always on duty during the Research Library’s open hours and are available to assist guests.

Please note, the Research Library is exclusively offering virtual appointments at this time.

Until further notice, exclusively virtual appointments are offered with registration on Calendly. For research assistance at other times, please email

The Research Library’s staff  can help point individuals in the direction of resources available to conduct research or a helpful list of Researchers for Hire, but they cannot undertake individual research assignments.

Nearly all architectural records, plans, and drawings within the Research Library are for public buildings such as offices, schools, churches, and hospitals. Only a few large mansions are included.

Yes! Cotton gloves are required whenever handling photographs, plenty of which are available on site. Everything else, with a few exceptions, may be handled normally as long as hands are clean and items are handled gently. Cleaning will take place between guests and items handled by guests will be cleaned and quarantined for a period of time after.


Resource Center FAQs

By appointment: Call (716) 873 – 9644 ext. 402 for more details.

Guests can view artifacts not on exhibit that are in storage during our Behind the Scenes Tours, offered periodically throughout the year. Visit our events section for information on our next tour.

To request a special viewing of any artifacts not on exhibit, please contact Michelle Harris, Senior Director of Museum Collections. Michelle can be reached at or (716) 873-9644 ext. 402.


The Resource Center was originally used as a trolley barn. The streetcars were stored in the building and you can observe the original tracks that are still visible in the floor.

The woman’s head was a replica of the entrance into Dreamland from the Pan-American Exposition, but was meant as a temporary fixture and is now removed.

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