On the Shoulders of Giants: Innovation in Stained Glass

Developed by the Stained Glass Association of America Foundation (SGAA Foundation) in collaboration with Judson Studios, this exhibit pays homage to generations of stained-glass artists who have pushed the boundaries of the medium. The SGAA’s exhibit features more than one dozen pieces of contemporary stained glass on display downstairs in the Museum’s Penfold Portico.  The exhibit is in celebration of the SGAA’s 120th anniversary and will feature works by Amir Fallah, James Jean, Narcissus Quagliata, Judith Schaechter, and more.

Buffalo is a living museum of the works created by the most notable studios forging the American Stained Glass Industry. This anniversary exhibit pays homage to skills honed over generations that have facilitated innovation in the past and present-day Buffalo. Just as LaFarge and Tiffany pushed the boundaries of the medium in the 1880s, today’s community continues to move forward, fostering innovation and creativity.

For more information, visit the Stained Glass Association of America’s website.

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