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For more than 20 years, our Paint the Town Art Auction has brought together local artists, museum supporters, and collectors to raise crucial funding for The Buffalo History Museum. The inaugural preview exhibit leading up to our auction features work from over 60 of the area’s top artists. Many of the works are inspired by our region and, in some cases, directly by the Museum’s collection!

Join us on Thursday May 16th for our live & silent auctions where you can bid on the works featured in the exhibit.


This work by artist Yames is inspired by the 1934 bottle label from the William Simon Brewery, one of Buffalo’s oldest independent producers of beer and ales. The gold leaf and paints are applied to the backside of the glass, one layer at a time, creating a perfectly smooth image surface.

A winner will be drawn during our Paint the Town event on May 16th. You do not need to be present to win.




David Buck, Greeting Mrs. Babcock

Inspired By President William McKinley’s Assassination:


Madeline Bartley, Stone Staircase

Inspired By the Museum’s Marble Staircase:


Miggie Wong, The Mini Houses of Migratory 1

“Houses of Migratory project, an interactive collaboration with the local Buffalo community, involved freehand drawings illustrating my take on various local landmark houses/buildings. Visitors took part in contributing to the colorization process of the drawings. I then concluded this community’s contributions by hand-stitching the houses as a metaphorical act to preserve and restore human’s sincerities.”


Mickey Harmon, 1901, Buffalo

Inspired By the Pan-American Exposition:


Peter Fowler, Buffalo ShiBuMi

“My painting is a view inspired by the Buffalo river and the industrial silos, looking west from Ohio Street down past the “cheerios silo”, the hockey arena, and onward to the Skyway. I had a friend who used the Japanese term “shibumi” in his life to focus his outlook on the world. Shibumi teaching in the visual sense appeared to focus his outlook of the environment towards subtle tones of color and harmony. Shibumi as I understand, gives the guidance to find the beauty in both the industrial decay, the natural rhythms, and our sense of it all. As a post-industrial Buffalo returns to the river, I feel the title “Buffalo Shibumi” make some sense.”


Andrew Krzystek, Deep Time Architecture

Inspired By a Pan-American Exposition souvenir coin dealer’s booth now owned The Museum:



Linda Toomey, Tifft Farm and Beyond

“A Tifft Farm marsh last October, a landscape painting, photos that relate to the painting and handmade papers all work together to create this extended landscape.”



Robert Griffiths, Nutty Buddy

Inspired By a Larkin Soap Co. Tin:


A.J. Fries, Buffalo Bills Santa Ornament

Inspired By a Buffalo Bills Santa Ornament in the Museum’s Collection:


Alicia Malik, Spring for the Buffalo Gnats

“I had originally began a painting inspired by the 2022 Snowstorm but, as I was working, was endlessly bothered by little black flies coming through my window screen and getting in the white paint! After a bit of research realized they were in fact BUFFALO gnats and it seemed only too fitting to give them the spotlight they seemed to be craving.”


John Salmeri III, Still Accepting Tickets

Inspired By the Spirit of Niagara by Evelyn Cary Rumsey:



Gerald Mead, Pan Am Reliquary (4PTT)

“This small reliquary-like assemblage incorporates images and artifacts associated with the Pan-American Exposition held in Buffalo in 1901. These include images of the “Spirit of Niagara” poster, the Exposition’s seal and a Pan-American postage stamp. The authentic miniature artifacts in it are threads from a ribboned certificate and a fragment of a hand-made nail from one of the Exposition’s buildings.”


Kyle Butler, Untitled

Inspired By a Native American Porcupine Quill Coat :


Aric Verrastro, How Was Your Stay?

Inspired by the Richardson:


Markenzy Julius Cesar, Buffalo Savings Bank

“My painting is of the Buffalo Saving Bank and of course the initial attraction for me is the gilded dome. The more I dive into the history of the building the more I understand that the trustees wanted the first saving bank in Buffalo to be a symbol of the progress is experiencing.  It is still a marvel to gaze on after all these years.”


Reann Nye, Secret Treasure

Inspired By 1930s Jones Iron Works Handrail:


Jeannine Mullan, Sakura Snow

“Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese. Because of its short life in spring, the cherry blossom is a symbol of the ephemeral quality of life.  As the  petals fall and blanket the ground, like snow, the landscape is transformed hinting of the possibility of new beginnings.   It reminds me how lucky we are in Buffalo to experience both the vibrance of new beginnings and the blanket of quiet in winter when snow transforms the cityscape.”


Sandra Reicis, Graycliff

“My piece is a watercolor of Graycliff, built as the summer home for the Darwin Martin family but designed specifically for Isabelle Martin by Frank Lloyd Wright. Built between 1926-31 it is one of only 5 homes Wright designed in the decade between 1925 and 1935. An example of his Organic Style, it is notable for many unique design features and is a gem in Buffalo’s rich architectural history.”


Mrs. John KocielaAnne ConableWilliam & Maureen O’Donnell
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