"Say Their Names, Honor Their Legacies"

The Uncrowned Queens Institute has debuted a new exhibit at The Buffalo History Museum, “Say Their Names: Honor Their Legacies,” which shares the stories, wisdom and insights of Buffalo’s community elders. The exhibit will feature portraits, biographies, and oral history interviews that capture the stories of a group of Buffalo’s senior community builders. Buffalo’s Uncrowned Queens Institute works to preserve the histories of African American women and men across the country. The exhibit will be displayed within the Museum’s Penfold Portico on its lower level through April 14.

“Say Their Names, Honor Their Legacies” follows the success of last year’s exhibit of the same name at The Buffalo History Museum, which is now on display at the Central Library downtown. The new exhibit will share the stories of 12 different community builders who were not featured last year.

Thanks to the expertise and talent of photographer/videographer Yves-Richard Blanc, “Say Their Names:  Honor Their Legacies” features a digital archive of photographs and interviews with these community elders that are available on the Uncrowned Queens YouTube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/@uncrownedqueensinstitute716. Full biographies of the participants are also available on the Uncrowned Community Builders webpage, at www.uncrownedcommunitybuilders.com


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