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The Alumni of Canisius High School Presents Inside Tim Russert’s Office: If it’s Sunday, it’s “Meet the Press" 

After more than four years on display at the Newseum in Washington, the contents of the office of the late NBC newsman Tim Russert are moving to his hometown of Buffalo, New York.  The Buffalo History Museum will house the exhibit, “Inside Tim Russert’s Office” 

The office re-creation includes items such as Russert’s “Thou Shalt Not Whine” sign, as well as numerous books, papers, and framed photos.  

Location:   The Buffalo History Museum, Second Level 

Additional Support:
2014-10-17 17.03.25.jpg
Richard and Karen Penfold
Hodgson Russ 
Congressman Brian Higgins
Councilman Christopher Scanlon
Councilman Joseph Golombek 

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Quilts: Techniques & Styles 
(Three exhibits under one title)  
Bedroom Suite Victorian SZ.jpg

Guests will view some of the museum’s most notable quilts, explore how they were created, and learn about the hidden stories they contain. In keeping with museum best practices when conserving textiles, all quilts  and clothing on view will be changed. Essentially three exhibit will take place under the exhibit title,  Quilts: Techniques & Styles 

Over forty quilts will be displayed throughout the run of the exhibit, each with its own unique history. An interactive touchscreen display will encourage visitors of all ages to explore their symbolism and meaning. 

The exhibit will also showcase rarely seen pieces from the collection, including a Buffalo-Made Victorian bedroom suite and a variety of 19th century sewing tools. Other featured objects include textiles in which quilting was used such as a 1960s psychedelic evening dress and 1920s opera coat.

The Museum Association of New York (MANY) generously granted funds toward this exhibit

Location: The Buffalo History Museum, Erie County Room  

First Opening:  Dec 18, 2015 
Second Opening: April 20
Third and Final Opening: August 17  

Closing:   Jan, 2017


The Vukelic Family presents Paper Bullets: The Posters That Sold the War Liberation.jpg

Three World War I poster exhibits will carry the museum through the end of the centennial (2018). The content will provide insight into the posters and their symbolism while laying a basic framework to understanding the larger war. The posters will be displayed according to country, in the following order: France, Britain/Canada, US.

Each of the posters is part of The Buffalo History Museum’s permanent collection. The works were selected according to which best represent various themes of the war and its timeline. Each has been conserved. Approximately thirty posters will be conserved in all. 

Location: The Buffalo History Museum, State Court 
 Lawrence McIntyre 

Location: Community Gallery

The John R. Oishei Native American GalleryThe John R. Oishei Native American Gallery

This permanent installation traces the region’s history through its first inhabitants, while focusing on the formation and evolution of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Highlights of the exhibit include a walk-in longhouse, a dazzling gustoweh (headdress) display, and Seneca Orator Red Jacket's cherished peace medal. 

The John R. Oishei Foundation funded the revitalization of the gallery.

Location: Second Level Gallery  

Neighbors: The People of Erie Countyneighbors.jpg

Exploring the region's rich ethnic and cultural heritage through the traditions and stories of immigrant Germans, Poles, Italians, African Americans, Irish, Asian, Balkan and many other groups as they formed a community here.

Location: Second Level Gallery

Street of ShopsStreet of Shops

Experience some of Buffalo's 19th century shops and businesses, including Bliss Bros Studio (interactive photo fun), Adam, Meldrum & Company, and Millard Fillmore's carriage. Generous funding from The Junior League of Buffalo supported the Street of Shops.

Location: Lower Level


The John R. Oishei Pioneer Gallery
Pioneer life in Buffalo Creek Village is interpreted anew with fresh signage, a full-wall mural depicting rural life, as well as the beloved and iconic blacksmith’s shop and weaver’s cottage. New elements include hands-on activities in the recreated Post Office and Crow Tavern. Enter into this world and become transfixed.

Location: Lower Level

 The Train Gallery 

The impressive train display includes 1900s replica model trains running on more than 200 feet of track, as well as a scale Erie Canal lock, and 100 miniature buildings portraying 19th century Buffalo and Western New York.

The Buffalo History Museum’s popular family event, “Train Day" takes place annually Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday. A tradition for over 20 years.

Location:  Lower Level  


Spirit of the City: Imagining the Pan-American Exposition

Spirit of the City, the History Museum's 3000 square foot feature exhibit showcasing the Pan-art1.jpgAmerican Exposition, and our collection's storage areas populate the Resource Center. In the 1990s, The Buffalo History Museum acquired and renovated the streetcar repair barn (circa 1895). 
The materials housed in the Pan-Am Building during the Centennial, transforms this 100+ year old trolley barn into a Pan-Am Exposition hall. The combined exhibit features “the Little Building,” a rediscovered structure from the Pan-Am grounds, plus artifacts and hands-on displays that explore the exposition’s funny and serious sides.

Location: Resource Center at 459 Forest Avenue