Explore local textiles with a selection of artifacts below.



A red and blue Jacquard coverlet. The bedspread is marked “Property of Erie County” with hand-stitched initials “AWH” on one corner.

Child’s Dress


This is a floral child’s dress with matching pantalettes. The textiles are decorated with wood block printing.



This black silk evening dress, formed from a bodice and a skirt with white border trim, belonged to Mrs. Caroline Fillmore, the second wife of President Millard Fillmore. It was made by Madame Huerstel and the wild flowers were embroidered in Paris.



A hand painted black satin fan, with pink and white flowers on the satin leaf, that is trimmed with black feathers. This fan was used by Julia M. Gates Greene.



This is an early prototype flag for the city of Buffalo, created by Louis Greenstein for a competition during Old Home Week in 1907. This flag was manufactured by A.J. Binnie, who went on to start Ace Flag, which is still in business today.



A fuchsia velvet hat with fuchsia silk ribbon, black jet beading ,and black silk flowers that decorate the crown. This hat was made by Mrs. R.H. Draper, located at 99 Niagara Street in Buffalo, and was worn by Annie Jones Lattimer.

Opera Coat


A green silk velvet opera coat that belonged to Mrs. Mildred McGuire. It features a fox fur collar with chenille yarn embroidery and bead decorations on the large sleeves and around the buttons of the coat.



This pieced style of quilt is known as the Blind Man’s Fancy Variation, where pieces of fabrics are cut into geometric shapes, such as square, rectangles, triangles, and hexagons. Then the pieces are sewn together to create a desired design which is called a “block”.



An octagonal leather table cover made by the Cordova Shops of Buffalo in 1913. It is adorned with a tool worked Art Nouveau design.

Wedding Dress


This wedding dress was worn by Lizette Brunck (1847-1928) on July 10, 1879, when she married Edward Beals Pratt (1846-1925).

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