In the days of your great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents, during the time of the Civil War, a group of Buffalonians undertook a mission to collect and preserve local history’s scattered records and relics to be safekept, forever, at The Buffalo History Museum.

Today, 158 years later, we remain inspired by our founder’s vision of a permanent place for our community’s story to live.

This spring, amidst a national shutdown and as we all grappled with the cascading impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the community responded to our call to action by contributing their stories, photographs, personal journals, and more to our Chronicling COVID-19 collecting initiative.

Dynamic sentiments of resiliency, challenge, support, hardship, hope, and unity mark this growing collection that reflect the time we live in.

People like Renee shared their experiences. Her father, at 80 years old, owns and operates an essential business. He and his brother kept their collision shop located on the East Side of Buffalo open during the spring quarantine, serving our community and maintaining safety protocols and social distancing.

“Our family’s story goes back to my grandfather, who started the car shop. Three generations have now worked there- my dad, uncle, and my cousin. When I was growing up, my dad worked long hours, helping people, running the business and supporting our family.

Renee with her father and uncle at their collision shop.

Through all the years in business, the shop was a place where friends shared coffee and conversation.


There were times when the shop was vandalized, cars stripped of their wheels and stereos – my dad kept going through it all. Nothing rattles him. It’s important to me that his story of dedication, hard work, and spirit, is documented. He has given so much throughout his life. Having his story at the Museum ensures that he is recognized and remembered.

When you give to The Buffalo History Museum, you ensure that stories of everyday life are safe kept – forever. You support our ongoing efforts to collect and document the stories of your neighbors, friends and family during this time. You give future generations an understanding of how people like us are living through a period of uncertainty and perseverance.

Thank you for supporting our Annual Campaign.

An anonymous donor has issued a Year End Campaign Challenge. They will match every dollar contributed by December 31 up to $15,000. Please consider this opportunity to double your impact!